Got Questions About Shaving? We Got The Answers!

Being a razor brand, we pride ourselves on being shaving gurus. The smoothest of the smooth. Whatever question you may have, Estrid’s got the answer.

Like how to keep your razor sharp, how to avoid ingrown hairs, and if it’s really even necessary to even shave at all. Keep reading to get the lowdown on everything body hair and shaving related.

Most Common Q's

Most Common Q's

To shave or not to shave?

You do you babe! Whatever floats your boat. There are no rules (even if it sometimes feels like there are) and you are free to do exactly what makes you feel good. F*CK THE PATRIARCHY.

What is ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair is hair that has gotten stuck under the skin and which can cause inflammation. Ingrowns are totally normal though, don’t worry about it.

How to avoid/get rid of ingrown hair?

If you get a lot of ingrown hairs, try shaving in the direction of the hair growth, and carefully exfoliate the area in between shaves to keep your pores clear for the hair to grow. Also, make sure you use a clean and sharp razor!

Is it more hygienic to shave your pubic area?

Your pubes are there for a reason. Pubic hair protects your privates from friction, dirt, and infection. It’s not a question of hygienic or not, it’s all up to what makes you feel the best.

Is it painful to shave pubic hair? Why does it hurt?

It definitely shouldn’t be painful! However, it can be if you have sensitive skin. Shaving can irritate it. Or if you have a sneaky little ingrown, going over it with a razor can hurt and even cause a cut. Be gentle and careful. And if it hurts all the time, consider just not shaving that area.

What’s the difference between disposable razors vs Estrid?

Where to begin! Disposable razors tend to be sh*t for the environment (all that plastic for one shave?!) and usually they don’t have that many blades, and get dull super duper fast. Estrid has 5-bladed razors, a vegan moisturizing strip, and a steel handle, cuz bye plastic. Need we say more?

How often should I change my razor blades?

We recommend switching blades after about 5-7 uses, but that totally depends on what area you are shaving. But keeping the blades sharp will get you a better shave. Oh and gross stuff starts growing on your razor after a while… so there’s that.

Why should I use a five-blade razor?

Ever heard the expression less is more? Yeah, not in this case. More is more! Five blades will get you a smoother and closer shave.

Shaving with psoriasis or eczema?

Psoriasis and eczema can be a real bummer. If you’re going to shave the affected area, make sure to be super-duper careful. Your skin is already inflamed, thin and sensitive. Be sure to take a long hot bath or shower, carefully exfoliate to remove some of the dead skin cells, and shave really gently. If you can avoid shaving the areas in which you have eczema or psoriasis, do so.

How fast does body hair grow?

We’re all different, baby. For some, it grows super fast, for others barely at all.

How can I make my shave last longer?

If you want your shave to last longer the key is to get as close of a shave as possible. Use warm water, exfoliate and shave carefully. But at the end of the day, your hair’s going to do pretty much whatever it wants. And a little stubble never killed anyone.

Can shaving increase the amount of hair or change the colour of the hair?

Nope. No. Incorrect. False. This is a myth that has been around for way too long. Shaving can not alter your DNA. The hair can feel thicker after shaving, but that’s just because you essentially chopped it off in the middle (a lot of the hair grows under the skin), and the hair that comes out of your skin hasn’t been exposed to any sort of friction, so it might not feel as soft. If you let it grow, it’ll grow out just as soft as if you’d never shaved in your life. Period.

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