Sun’s out - a summer survival guide

When summer hits, we’re expected to get bare. For some, that means jumping with joy and grabbing the nearest speedo or thong - for others, it might mean full-blown anxiety. Or both. Truth is, summer isn’t all sun and sand; it can bring a lot of pressure and expectations.

With the help of some cool and clever humans, we’ll try to ease the pressures of expectations (whether imagined or real). Here’s to a summer where we celebrate our bangin’ bodies just the way they are. No prep needed :)

Sun’s out, 'stash out with Gialu

It’s going to be my first summer with unshaved armpits and a wannabe moustache :)”

Smooth as a dolphin or full-on Yeti? Your body,  your call :)

Sun’s out, legs out with Nelly

“We all deserve to be able to choose what we want to do with our body hair, and that seems to be becoming more and more 'normal'. ”

Sultry summer stubble- Try it you’ll like it

Sun’s out, pits out with Aaliyah

“I’ve never liked sticking to society’s beauty standards. I feel like I’ve always had my own, which is whatever I’m feeling at the time!”

Bushbaby vibes! Go feral this summer

Shave or save?

We all have body hair, and what we choose to do with it is up to us. Keep it, shave it, dye it, trim it- whatever floats your boat. But if you do choose to shave, we’ve got you covered :)

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