Invite your friends and get free razor blades

Here is your reward for spreading the word about Estrid! Share your personal code with up to 8 friends who are not yet part of the Estrid family to give them 70% off The Starter Kit.

Once their order is placed, you'll get £5.95 credits (the value of a package of razor blades) for each friend that places an order. In your account, you can choose to apply the credits to your next subscription order.

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Help & FAQ

How does the referral code work?

So, you want to be a real nice pal and share some joy and smoothness with your friends? Great! Question is, how does it work? Here’s a lil’ checklist that explains it.

  • That sweet, sweet code can be applied to a maximum of 8 orders. Meaning it’s limited, so just share it with your ride or dies.

  • Make sure that your friends don’t use the same wi-fi/network as you when they make their order. We’ve had some issues with this, so they can try another network if it’s putting up a fight.

  • The discount will be applied to your Starter Kit as part of the subscription. Your pals can order through the referral link you shared, and the discount will follow along as smoothly as a freshly shaved pit.

  • Every time someone orders through your referral link, you will receive credits that you can use on your next subscription order. :)

How do I redeem my credits?

When you’ve shared your referral link with friends and received credits, you can redeem them on your next subscription order. Follow these steps to see how to cash ’em in.

  1. Go to your Estrid account and head to the Invite Friends-tab.

  2. Scroll down a bit to see how many times your referral code has been used (Remember, only 8 friends can order with the code). Underneath the referral section you can see how many credits you have.

  3. Click on Redeem Credits and then choose if you want to use your credits on your next subscription order.

Just so you know, you can’t use more credits than the value of your next order. Also note that your credits only can be used on your subscription, and not on one time purchases.

Say hey to our new referral program!

Refer your friends! They'll get a free Travel Case and you'll get 69 SEK off your next subscription order.