Why Is It Important To Change Razor Blades?

Imagine using the same toothbrush for years and years on end. Quite yucky right? Well, the same goes for razor blades. Here's a list of reasons to change your razor blades and keep em sharp. You can thank us later.

Sharp = Smooth

First of all, the longer you use a razor blade, the duller it’ll get. Want a smooth shave? Use a sharp razor! Like a wise woman once said, you wouldn’t cut grass with rusty scissors… or something. No but seriously, a dull blade can cause some serious irritation, so keep 'em sharp.

Keep your razor blades clean

Number two, hygiene. Choosing to shave or not to shave does not determine how clean you are. But how often you change razor blades kind of does. After a while of using the same blades, bacteria start to grow. Yuck. As you continue using the same blade, it’ll get duller and dirtier, leading to a higher risk of nicks, cuts, and infection. Yeah, no thanks. It is recommended that you change blades after every 5-8 uses. But that totally depends on how large the areas you shave are. Perhaps you’re just an ankle-shaving kind of gal. No prob! You can usually tell when it’s time to switch it up. Like if you notice more irritation, feel the blade pulling at your hair or it starts feeling more like sandpaper than a razor.


Don’t miss out on the moisture

Another reason to change blades pretty regularly is the moisturizing strips that most female razors have. That stuff is not everlasting, and after a while, you’ll notice that your razor doesn’t glide like butter over a piece of warm toast anymore. That means it’s time to switch.

But the best way to realize if you need to change blades is changing blades and feeling what a huge difference it makes. It should give you the same satisfaction as getting into bed after putting clean sheets on or waking up feeling rested a minute before your alarm goes off. In other words, it should feel heavenly. And in the meantime, while you’re not shaving, keep your razor high, dry, and clean for the next time you want to get smoooooth.


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