Seriously Smooth Tips To Get Rid of Razor Rash, Bumps or Burn After Shaving Your Legs

Razor burn, or a shaving rash on your legs, is the uninvited guest that loves to crash a party. Your party, that is. It will pop up moments before you climb into your uber and won’t budge anytime soon. Yes, life can be complicated but thanks to these ahem brilliant tips, shaving your legs rash-free no longer has to be.

Like lightning, razor rash strikes when you least expect it. Not a single soul, apart from our grandmothers of course, can see it coming. And irritation sticks around for what feels like an eternity. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also an army of tiny bumps that itch like crazy. Not very cute, or comfortable. But luckily, we’re sharing some of our finest tips and products that'll protect you from shaving rash on your legs indefinitely. Ka-ching!

Better be safe & smooth than sorry

Here’s a quick 101. Razor burn on your legs, with a little help from a friend (that’s us), could soon be ancient history. By following these steps, you can tiptoe around with bump-free and silky smooth skin.
Break up with these 6 bad habits if you want to avoid a shaving rash on your legs:

  • Dry shaving - add a squishy layer (hello Estrid shaving cream) of protection between your skin and the blade
  • Under pressure - pressing too hard causes friction and skin sensitivity
  • Using rusty razors - repeat after me: when it’s dull, it cuts and irritates
  • A slippery slope - here’s a friendly reminder that shaving cream, gel, lotion, or oil are always a good idea
  • Shaving against the grain - smooth things will happen to those who shave the right way (with your hair growth)
  • Ignoring thirsty skin - don’t forget to top up your moisturiser after every shave


7 easy ways of saying bye-bye to shaving rash on your legs forever

Think it’s too late? No need to stress. We’ll walk you through our complete guide to get rid of razor burn, rashes, and bumps. Your skin will be back to its old self (just glowier) in no time with a little help from Estrid’s body care range.

  • Beat the burn - treat yourself with a cooling compress for on-the-spot relief. Cool water also does the trick to offer a fresh sensation.
  • Made to heal - when your legs are dry, apply a generous layer of our Mood: Bodyshot lotion to nourish even the most sensitive skin.
  • Give it a break - lay your hands off the razor for a few days and give your skin some space.
  • Lather, sleep, repeat - shaving can strip the skin of its natural oils, so cleanse in a gentle way. Lather it up with our nourishing Mood: Cancel Plans body oil wash, it’s nicknamed glow getter for a reason.
  • Let it breathe - your delicate skin needs a time-out from tights, legging, and scratchy synthetics. Instead, opt for natural fabrics, like linen, that’ll help your razor burn heal at lightning speed.
  • Exercise exfoliation - if you want to avoid ingrown hairs, you’ve gotta put in the work. Gently exfoliate with a scrub or washcloth to show those dead skin cells who’s boss.


Estrid is your smooth partner in crime

Our vegan products are the skin-friendly answers to avoid shaving rash on your legs or anywhere else on your body. Jam-packed with good ingredients and boasting pillowy soft formulas, these goodies are a real treat. Try out our Starter Kit, it contains everything you need for a smooth-like-a-dolphin shave. Top things off with a layer of Mood: Bodyshot, our shea, aloe vera, and canola oil-rich dream.

Mission accomplished. We came, we saw, we spilled all the tea. Now the smooth operations are entirely up to you. Prep, shave & soothe your beautiful skin and let razor bumps and shaving rash on your legs become a distant memory.

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