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Super-Smooth Shaving Guide - Tips On How To Properly Shave Your Legs

A Quick Guide On How To Shave Your Legs Like A Pro

Shaving is no walk in the park. While girls were busy flexing their legs and bending their bodies, boys were given lessons on how to get that fresh clean shave. Don’t worry - with this guide, you’ll soon be shaving your legs with fresh, fierce, and razor-sharp confidence.


The Razor Must Be Sharp

A dull blade is destined to become the rusty companion your skin and body hair can do without. It’s a one-stop ticket to nicks, cuts, and skin irritations that ain’t welcome here.


Dry Skin Shaving? It’s a NO from us.

Shaving on dry skin is a quick way to dull your blade. Or to get to those nasty nicks that keep bleeding, no matter how much toilet paper you throw their way. Oh, and please never skip on moisturizing your legs. Honestly, that’s the kind of stuff we’ll tell our grandchildren one day. To do so, hop in the shower or soak in your bathtub before you shave. Rinse your legs with clean water, shave with razor-sharp confidence, and add a layer of Mood: Bodyshot to lock in that hydration.


Use A Silky Shaving Cream

For a smooth ride, you’ll need a proper glide. Well, our shaving cream was put on this earth to do just that. Whilst in the shower, apply a layer of our vegan shaving cream, grab your Estrid razor, and shave. The protective formula keeps your legs soft, supple, and moisturized. It also acts as a trusty guide so you’ll never miss a spot again.

All good things take time. And hey, shaving your legs is no exception. Keep on reading if you want to be on the safe side and avoid cuts, nicks, and irritated skin.

  • Shave with that Beyonce confidence - long, upward and steady strokes
  • Be kind to your body. You don’t need to push hard along the way
  • Give your razor a quick rinse to get rid of the fuzz after each glide
  • Pay extra attention to your body’s beautiful curves (ankles and knees)
  • Slightly bend when following the natural curve of your knee
  • Keep your leg straight when it’s time to glide above the knee


How To Shave Your Legs Perfectly - Easy With Estrid

Keep your legs glowy and perfectly moisturized. Once you’re as smooth as a baby seal, pat your legs dry and lock in that J. Lo glows with our Bodyshot cream. This last step helps to avoid any skin irritation and keeps your legs smooth, soft, with a beautiful sheen.

Body hair is our muse and giving your legs the love they deserve is part of our mission. Check out Estrid’s starter kit, specially designed for people who love to shave the right way - kinder to your skin, better for our planet. Psst, did you know our razor works even better with a dollop of Estrid’s vegan shaving cream? Its buttery dream-like formula is filled with aloe vera, shea, and coconut oil. Get ready for seriously smooth shaving, the Estrid way.