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Our 5-blade cruelty-free, vegan cartridges provide the closest shave ever whilst protecting your skin. Nurturing aloe vera and vitamin E nourishes and moisturises your skin for the ultimate shaving experience.


Ergonomic and scandi-cool

We made sure our handles are ergonomically shaped and perfectly weighted (weight matters). As a swedish brand we’re also doing our best to keep our handles simple, minimalistic and (scandi)cool. Basically we hope they’re nice enough to become an essential part of your bathroom decor. We’re not hiding our razor when guests come over anymore.
Estrid razor Space in matching outfit

Our Body Care

Make your skin glow

Estrid Body Care - your new bathroom buddies! The line consists of three all-vegan body care products made in Sweden, with 100% self-love, inspired by you.

Some of the key goodies:
Body Lotion: - Aloe, Shea & Canola Oil
Shave Cream: - Aloe, Shea & Coconut Oil
Body Oil Wash: - Sunflower, Cloudberry & Almond Oil

Estrid Body Care is only available for existing customers. You will find it when you're signed in to your account. ✨
Estrid razor for women body care products


The minimalist Scandinavian design process inspired by nature has resulted in fluid and smooth lines — a true bathroom accessory.


We weighted our steel handle with an underside in rubber for a steady grip. Shaped to fit the palm of your hand perfectly in order to facilitate your shave (even in the hard-to-reach places!).


Make sure you keep your razor high, proud and dry when not in use by placing it in the holder that's included in the starter kit.
Estrid Razor Blush Estrid Razor Space Estrid Razor Peach

New bathroom-crew

Let’s get started, see you in the bathroom! 👋🏽

Your razor's bestie - Say hey to baby-seal smooth skin and bye to fuzzy hairs.

Shave Cream

Estrid vegan shave cream Mood; Privacy pls with

Leave your skin happy. Stay hydrated & smooth like a cloud all day long.

Body Lotion

Estrid vegan body lotion Mood: Bodyshot with aloe, shea and canola oil

Spoil your body. Shake, wash, rinse and make your skin glow like never before.

Body Oil Wash

Estrid vegan body oil wash Mood: Cancel plans with sunflower, cloudberry and almond oil aloe, shea and coconut oil

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