• Blue razor handle and holder in the shade Sky

Extra Handle & Holder

Our signature stainless steel razor handle and wall holder, in a diverse palette of bathroom-boosting colours. Perfect for when you want to mix up your style, or just have another razor for your travel bag.

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Handle & Holder — Guava

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Lifetime guarantee
Ergonomic design
Stainless steel


How to attach blade refills to your Estrid handle:

  1. Make sure that the new blade has the rubber strip pointing downward

  2. Hold the new blade by the edge (be careful - it's super sharp) or keep it in its plastic cover

  3. Press the razor handle down slowly in the center of the blade until it snaps and is in place. And don't forget to remove the plastic cover!

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Perfect match!
Estrid razors mixed and matched with different colour Estrid Travel Razor Cases

Need a Travel Case?

Match the case with your razor or mix colours to make it more personal. The Travel Case is your razor’s companion and it keeps it safe and sound when you’re travelling or on the go.

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