The award-winning razor

Estrid is the subscription-based razor company with vegan products created for everybody and every body. Our razor has a long-lasting, metal handle and 5-blades that gives you a really close shave. If shaving is your thing – we’re here for you :)

No more bad shave days



Five super-sharp razor blades that give you the closest shave possible


Kind to your skin

Lubrication strips (they’re 100% vegan btw!) that leave your skin feeling silky-smooth


Smooth subscription

Get new blades as often as you’d like – pause, skip or break up whenever :)

New In: Vegan Wax Strips

Not your regular ouchy wax - our gentle wax strips are enriched with a softening blend of nourishing oils to soothe and smooth even the hyper sensitive or the waxing novice. This soft gel comfort wax is derived from 99.8% natural ingredients, designed for face, body fuzz and those awkward angles your razor can’t reach.

Perfect for on the go, on the slow, or when you’ve missed a bit.

Your skin’s new BFFs

So here it is – the softest, fluffiest, loveliest little trio your skin could ever dream of. Use our sugar scrub All Glow’d Up to prep, Watermelon Jelly to cleanse and shave, and Body Fluff for some fab hydration and glow. Perf to use together as a part of your shaving routine, but also superb separately :)

So, how does it work?

Choose your colour

Select your favourite colour: Pick the colour that speaks to you. You’ll also get two razor blades and a matching holder in your starter kit.

As often as you like

Tell us how often you want your blades and we’ll deliver them right to your door (free, climate-compensated shipping included, obviously).

Break up whenever

Your body, your hair, your control. Cancel the subscription at any time, no strings attached.

Get started — zł 39

Say hey to our new referral program!

Give 70% off The Starter Kit and get razor blades for free by inviting your friends that are not yet part of the Estrid family.