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Shave Your Way

Remember the time when you stood in the shower, just about to shave and realised you forgot to buy a new razor and had to use the old one that didn’t give you the result you wanted? Well, those days are over!


Affordable quality razors


Fresh blades delivered to your door


Update, change, pause or cancel at anytime


Shaving made smoother

Start by choosing your favourite colour for the steel handle, which is designed to last. When you sign up, you’ll get a Starter Kit with your Estrid razor, matching holder, and two refillable razor blades. You’ll never pay more for choosing Estrid.


Get the Full Routine

Get everything you need to empower your skin. Shop our curated body care starter sets to create your perfect routine - and save 15%.


Empower Your Skin

New formulas. New ways to love Estrid. Explore body care that empowers your skin.

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