Wax strips in use

We Do Vegan Wax Now

So you can be smooth on demand, for longer.

Body Wax Kit

55 DKK

4.8 (12)
Face Wax Kit

55 DKK

4.8 (9)

Hair Free for up to 28 Days

Natural ingredients

Plant powered

99.8% natural ingredients

Vegan wax strips

100% Vegan

No beeswax here

Sensitive skin friendly wax strips

Sensitive Skin Friendly

Fragrance-free cold wax formula

Dermatologist approved wax strips

Dermatologist Approved

For all hair & skin types

How to wax face and body

No mess, no stress

Take ‘waxing near me’ to ‘waxing at-home’ - meet our simple-to-use body and face wax strip kits designed for all skin types and ultra short hair. The Estrid vegan Comfort Complex offers a smooth glide, yet active grip, for a one-swipe hair removal trick that’ll leave you instantly silky.

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