Whistleblowing at Estrid

At Estrid, we strive to have an open and transparent workplace as a whole where misconduct or malpractice should not occur with the same applying for leadership and employee behavior. Employees at Estrid are always encouraged to first contact the person concerned, manager or the people team in case of any problems or misconduct. By giving you the opportunity to report, we maintain it together. 

Estrid follows current legislation regarding whistleblowing where it is possible to report work-related misconduct of public interest within the organization where the reporter is, has been, or will be active. We use Visslan's whistleblower channel which ensures your anonymity and high platform security. You can reach it by clicking here: https://estrid.visslan-report.se/.

Who can report?

Simplified, you can report misconduct if you work at the company. If you are unsure, we encourage you to read more in our full whistleblower policy.

What can be reported?

We urge you to report suspicion of misconduct within the company with a public interest in it coming to light. If you are unsure, we encourage you to read more in our full whistleblower policy. You do not need proof of your suspicion, but all reports must be submitted in good faith.

How is the reporting handled?

The report is handled confidentially. All irrelevant personal data will be deleted, and the case will only be saved for as long as necessary. Cases are initially handled by the law firm Lindahl to ensure independent management of cases, after which internal contacts within our organization may take over the matter.

More questions?

If you want to know more about our handling of whistleblower cases  please refer to our full whistleblower policy which has all the details by clicking on the link below.

Whistleblower Policy

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