Razor Blades

Say hey to Estrid’s razor blade subscription! Get 4 new super-sharp razor blades as often as you need, delivered right to your mailbox. No strings attached - pause or cancel your subscription whenever you want. Add a razor case for your razor to keep your blades safe and sharp, wherever you go.


4x razor blades per delivery


5-bladed razor blades in stainless steel


Vegan lubricating strip

A smooth razor blade subscription

Shaving has never been this smooth. With Estrid’s subscription, you receive 4 fresh razor blades delivered right to your door. Choose how often you want new blades depending on how often you shave and we’ll take care of the rest! If you feel you have enough razor blades for a while, you can always choose to skip a delivery and pick a new delivery date. And hey, no strings attached! Pause or cancel your subscription whenever you want. PS. Shipping is always free and climate compensated.

100% vegan razor blades

You and your body deserve the best. Which is why our 5 bladed razors have a 100% vegan moisturizing strip. Instead of using animal byproducts, like commonly used lanolin and glycerin, we chose to use plant based ingredients, such as shea butter, cacao butter and jojoba oil! Also, we don’t test any of our formulations on animals (like many other razor brands unfortunately do).

Super sharp and affordable razor blades

A high-quality and fabulous razor shouldn't break the bank. That’s where we come in, wink-wink. We’ve created an affordable razor that delivers ultimate smoothness, shave after shave. You should never have to pay more for a great shaving experience, no matter who you are or how you choose to identify. So we created Estrid – a razor for everyone who chooses to shave :)

Our razor comes with 5 super sharp blades for everybody and every body. And if you’re in need of a refill, you get 4 new cartridges for only €11.95.

For smooth shaving, change your blades

For the best shaving experience, we recommend changing your razor blades after every 4-7 times of use, depending on how large the areas you shave are. With each shave, razor blades become more blunt and less clean which can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs. So to avoid nicks and cuts, it is important to always use a sharp razor. You can find more advice on how to achieve the smoothest results in the tab Tips & Tricks. There you can find a guide on how to best shave your pubic area to avoid irritation and tips to achieve the smoothest legs in town. Happy shaving!

Add a little extra

Daily Moisturizer
Sugar scrub
Sugar Scrub
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