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  • Estrid Travel Case Lemonade

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No drama, no fuss. Bring your razor with you wherever you go in a cute case.

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Our razor will keep you smooth, this cute case keeps its ninja-sharp blades safe.

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Here, there, everywhere

Dreamy weekend escape? Pyjama party with your partner? Sleepover at your BFFs? This squishy case is the snug partner in crime for your razor - so it’s ready for smooth operations 24 hours a day.


Wet-to-dry wonder

Fully waterproof but also gives your wet razor the chance to take a well-deserved drying break. Follow these steps for smooth-like-a-dolphin success - shower, shave, keep it safe.


Mix and match

Available in 5 feel-good colours to match every single one of our moods. ;)

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