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What is your favourite color?

The 95 SEK starter kit includes
βœ“ Steel handle βœ“ Wall holder βœ“ Cartridges (2x) By signing up, we'll deliver four replacement cartridges for 119 SEK as often as you want. No strings attached - cancel anytime!

Estrid Razor Blush



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Blush - Do you like the classic, cute vibe? Blush will charm you, just like a puppy.

Estrid Razor Cloud



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Cloud - Say hi to our grey razor! And it surely is grey, whether you like to refer to it as cloud-grey or the kind of grey as the 90’s gameboys.

Estrid Razor Space



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Space β€” If you dare to stand out and like to turn heads, this razor that will make even the coolest kid in town jealous.

Estrid Razor Peach



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Peach is the color bomb that gets everyone to ask about where you got it!

Step 2

How often do you want to receive cartridges?

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Once a month

I shave every day. Keep 'em coming!

Every second month

I shave a few times a week.


Every third month

I probably shave once a week.

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Add a little extra πŸ’œ


Your razor's bestieΒ - Say hey to baby-seal smooth skin and bye to fuzzy hairs.

Shave Cream

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