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WTF: Könsnormer med Paulina Stachnik från Women for Women International

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Könsnormer 🌈

I det sista avsnittet av What The Fluff gästas Estrid av Paulina Stachnik, som arbetar för vår fantastiska välgörenhetspartner, Women for Women International. Women for Women International hjälper och stöttar kvinnor i krigsdrabbade områden, så som Afghanistan, Irak, Sydsudan, och Demokratiska Republiken Kongo. Genom deras ” Stronger Women Stronger Nations” program lär de ut olika yrkeskompetenser, om hälsa och näring, och om kvinnornas rättigheter, så att de själva kan stå upp för sina rättigheter. Paulina berättar också om farorna som kommer med könsnormer och vikten av att använda sin röst och ifrågasätta dem. Genom konversationer kan vi skapa förändring.

Vad är "What The Fluff"?

Det bästa sättet att skapa förståelse och empati mellan människor är att prata om saker. Dem viktiga, svåra sakerna. Därför skapade Estrid ”What The Fluff”: en IGTV serie där vi bjöd in olika profiler för att prata om svåra saker. Från att bekämpa ätstörningar, till hur det är att leva med en kronisk sjukdom, och vikten av att stötta unga transpersoner - våra gäster har delat med sig om sina personliga erfarenheter kring en mängd olika ämnen, och hjälpt oss skapa en trygg miljö att prata i.

Klicka här för att läsa en transkribering 👀

Hi, everyone, my name is Paulina Stachnik, and I'm the digital and campaigns lead at Women for Women International and we are thrilled to be working with Estrid, who are donating one percent of sales towards our work supporting women survivors of war.

Before we get into today's topic, I wanted to share a bit of background on our work supporting women living in some of the most dangerous places in the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. At the heart of our work is our "Stronger Women Stronger Nations" program. Here we bring women together in classrooms of twenty five, where they learn vocational skills about health and nutrition and about their rights so that they can begin to advocate for themselves, both at home and in their wider communities.

Sisterhood is also a core part of our DNA, which is why we are thrilled to be working with the Estrid community and we are so grateful for your support.

Today's topic that I want to delve into is the topic of gender norms. Before we go into it, let's start with definition. So gender norms are social norms that define acceptable and appropriate actions for both men and women in any given group or society. And you might be wondering, why are they important? Well, as the name suggests, they are norms, which means that they are so baked into our society that you might not even notice them anymore. A really simple example of this is going to a toy store where you see one side of the toy store all in blue, dedicated to boys toys and the other side all in pink, dedicated to toys for girls.

And you might think, OK, this isn't the most progressive way to set up a store, but what's the big deal in the longer term? Well, according to a recent Guardian article, these stereotypes that start in childhood can have some really damaging effects in the longer term, from body image issues to eating disorders to higher rates of suicide in men, not to mention the fact that they perpetuate the myth that gender is a binary instead of a spectrum. And in the longer term, if they are taken to the extremes, they could also have some really dangerous effects as well in the form of gender-based violence.

I want to share some really shocking statistics with you. According to the U.N., 37 women are killed every single day by a member of their family. In Afghanistan, one of the countries where we work, 90 percent of women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives, 90 percent. And while it's important to underscore that the women that we support at Women for Women International are especially vulnerable. This is not a problem that exists over there.

This is a systemic issue that's present all around the world. According to the U.N., one in three women globally will experience violence at some point in their lives. And this has only increased since the pandemic has started. Some countries have reported a five-fold increase in calls to domestic violence helplines since the start of covid-19. Now, I know these statistics are really shocking and they might be leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

What can you do as just one person when this issue is so massive? Well, at Women for Women International, we strongly believe that changes start with taking small, incremental, consistent steps. And those steps begin with a conversation. In addition to working with women, we also work with men through our men's engagement program. Here we bring together our program participants with members of their families and their communities and create a safe space where you can have a dialogue and start to discuss these ideas that underpin these actions so they could uproot them in the longer term.

And I invite you, I encourage you to start a conversation in your own community, in your own home, and your workplace, the next time that you see gender norms and start to call them out. Now, remember, this takes courage. So celebrate small wins, having a conversation is a big deal. And the more that you use your voice, it's like a muscle, the easier it will get. But it will always be a little bit scary. So pat yourself on the back for taking the first step and let's keep going, because together we can move mountains through these small steps over time.

Another way that you can support women survivors of war is, of course, by buying a fabulous Estrid razor. All of the funds raised through this partnership will go towards our work supporting some of the most vulnerable women in the world. Thank you so much again for your support. And let's keep the movement going. With every step, we get one step closer to creating a more just and equitable world for all of us. Thank you so much.

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