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WTF: Mobbning med Sophia Hadjipanteli

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Mobbning 🧡

I det sista avsnittet på säsong 1 av What The Fluff, gästas Estrid av ögonbrynsikonen Sophia Hadjipanteli. Sophie berättar för oss om hennes erfarenheter med mobbning, både som barn och som offentlig person. Genom att skapa rörelsen #UnibrowMovement, öppnade hon upp sig för en hel del online mobbning, men står fast vid att vara annorlunda och unik är det bästa man kan vara.

Vad är “What The Fluff”?

Det bästa sättet att skapa förståelse och empati mellan människor är att prata om saker. Dem viktiga, svåra sakerna. Därför skapade Estrid ”What The Fluff”: en IGTV serie där vi bjöd in olika profiler för att prata om svåra saker. Från att bekämpa ätstörningar, till hur det är att leva med en kronisk sjukdom, och vikten av att stötta unga transpersoner - våra gäster har delat med sig om sina personliga erfarenheter kring en mängd olika ämnen, och hjälpt oss skapa en trygg miljö att prata i.

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Hey, guys, my name is Sophia Hadjipanteli. I am a model, activist and founder of the #UnibrowMovement. Today, I am here with Estrid to talk all things bullying, my previous experience of bullying and my current experience and any advice that I have for you guys. I think it's super important to talk all about things that sometimes people steer away from because they're kind of uncomfortable subjects. And I personally, I don't find my experiences with bullying that uncomfortable.

I think they made me who I am today. I'm such a strong person because of what I've been through. And I think that's just something that is good to share with other people. So while I'm talking about my experiences, I'm just going to quickly get ready. I am going to do something really simple. It's literally what I do every day when I'm, like, not doing anything, which is basically all of 2020. I do brow gel obviously, because my eyebrows are basically tangled when I wake up and then I'm going to powder, conceal not obviously in this order, but. Yeah, and then lipstick. So let's get moving.

Also, can I just say that my Estrid razor perfectly matches my outfit. How freaking cute. I swear this wasn't coordinated. I mean it was coordinated obviously. But yeah, I love this razor actually. It's like really substantial. I had no idea, that they were like this great quality. So I really love that. OK, first thing I'm going to do is conceal because Lord knows I am always jet-lagged. And I know if these under-eye circles are not Chanel. Bags, not circles.

But yeah. So I grew up in a small town in the USA called Annapolis, Maryland. It was quite a conservative place. A lot of the people there grew up there, you know, have families there, aren't planning on ever leaving. And I always had dreams that were far bigger than the town I grew up in. And so for me, I just want to be myself. You know, I felt like I was preparing myself for something really special. And lo and behold, I would be inspiring so many people with my experiences that I dealt with in that small town.

So a lot of people didn't really like how eccentric I was, how much, you know, I loved to wear really crazy outfits. I loved to do art. I loved all things that weren't really a small town girl type of thing. And I was often picked on for it. And I think a lot of people in their life deal with bullying to some extent and not as severe as like, I guess what I dealt with and what I currently deal with. But I think it's also really important to accept and acknowledge that we do all go through it and not everyone wants to admit to it because sometimes people consider being picked on and not being accepted, as a weakness.

But honestly, I mean, this is coming from a girl with a, you know, a unibrow, all that jazz. But I really think what makes me different is what makes me special and when you're different, of course people are going to treat you differently because it's something they've never seen before and they've never experienced before. Whether it's a positive or a negative reaction is up to that person. But regardless, I just think it's so important to talk about the benefits... Not the benefits, but it's really important to talk about how bullying has shaped me into who I am. So what I used to deal with, it doesn't even compare, I guess, to the criticism that I get today. Before I used to get bullied for just being different. And today I still get bullied for being different. But it's a type of different that I feel like not everyone has ever experienced before. So I feel like I get quite harsh reactions whenever people see me for the first time.

Like, social media can be a really cruel place. And so for someone like me who is really strong and really loves who I am, it's not as difficult. But I know for a lot of people, dealing with others that don't accept you for the first time, can be kind of rough. And so I'm just here to tell you guys that whatever you're going through is preparing you for something. And it sucks in that moment. It really does. And honestly, a lot of people go through it whether they want to talk about it or not.

And I'm here today to really talk about it.

You know, bullying. It makes you feel bad because your whole life you want to be the best version of yourself. And if you love who you are, you kind of just want other people to love that as well. But not everyone does. And I think in life, it's all about being your biggest protector, your biggest supporter. And that is definitely what bullying and my experiences with bullying have shown me. Thank you so much to Estrid for inviting me on your channel to talk all things bullying and my experiences with bullying as part of What The Fluff.

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