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WTF: Kroppshår med Solana Baptiste

Säsong 1 Avsnitt 4

Kroppshår 🦸🏽‍♀️

Avsnitt 4 av What The Fluff gästas av Solana Baptiste och hennes fantastiska armhålor. Under lockdown i England bestämde sig Solana för att växa ut sitt kroppshår och pratar nu med Estrid om historien kring kvinnlig hårborttagning och de patriarkala strukturer som har fått kvinnor att känna skam och tvång att raka sig. Hon pratar om dubbelmoralen kvinnor måste leva med när det gäller kroppshår och vikten av att låta kvinnor göra precis som de vill med sina kroppar.

Vad är “What The Fluff”?

Det bästa sättet att skapa förståelse och empati mellan människor är att prata om saker. Dem viktiga, svåra sakerna. Därför skapade Estrid ”What The Fluff”: en IGTV serie där vi bjöd in olika profiler för att prata om svåra saker. Från att bekämpa ätstörningar, till hur det är att leva med en kronisk sjukdom, och vikten av att stötta unga transpersoner - våra gäster har delat med sig om sina personliga erfarenheter kring en mängd olika ämnen, och hjälpt oss skapa en trygg miljö att prata i.

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Hey guys, so today, I'm going to talk about having body hair as a woman and my experience of that. Our society is very good at making women feel bad about themselves despite what they choose to do with their bodies. If you shave, then you can't be a feminist. If you don't shave, then it's unhygienic. And obviously, neither of these statements are true. But these are some of the common stereotypes. This being said, I'm still really grateful to have grown up in a generation where I'm allowed to exist how I like. In 1915 Gillette released their first safety razor and their campaign was basically because safe razors now exist, women should now use them to shave their armpit hair.

This is also because sleeveless dresses became popular around that time and therefore completely hairless armpits were no longer seen as a choice. They were a necessity. This pressure continued into World War II as there was a shortage of resources which meant that women weren't able to wear stockings every day. And in order for them to be deemed socially acceptable, they had to shave their legs. Luckily, we've come a long way since then as now, there's a lot of women who are very outspoken about their choice to not shave. However, that being said, when I first decided to stop shaving my armpits, there were a lot of people that were very eager to share their opinions about it with me. Some people were commenting "ew what is that under your arm", "that's disgusting", "so much hair, unhygienic", but other people were commenting, "it looks so good on you", "beautiful", "you go girl, die it a different color". Generally, the reason why I stopped shaving is because we'd just gone into lockdown and I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to stop shaving in a nonjudgmental environment because obviously, I wouldn't have to go out for months. But I was still very self-conscious about it at the beginning and I wouldn't have wanted anyone to know that I'd decided to stop shaving.

But I guess as the months went on, I kind of grew a love for it, especially after receiving so much support for my choice. But the impact that it had highlighted for me that I wasn't following societal norms and a lot of people that had negative things to say were men and young girls who had clearly grown up being taught the same things that I was being taught about female body hair being gross and unnatural. But what could be more natural than us embracing the hair that grows on our bodies? I can see a future where female beauty standards are different, where female body hair is celebrated as beautiful, and where the next generation of women take pride in the fact that they have the choice to do what they want to do with their bodies.

And either way, they will be respected and supported. The future starts right now and it starts with us disowning these misconceptions about body hair. I'm calling people out who promote negative stereotypes. Throughout history, men have never been shamed for having body hair. People have never questioned whether it's unhygienic or socially acceptable for men to have body hair. And this is because when the first razor was created in 1915, it was made by men to control women. It's never been anything to do with cleanliness or beauty, and it's everything to do with power.

And I refuse to be pressured into shaving anymore. Our bodies are beautiful with and without hair, and I believe that what you choose to do with your body should be your choice and your choice alone. Thank you for watching.

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