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WTF: Att Leva Med Akne med Izzie Rodgers

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Att Leva Med Akne ✨

I andra avsnittet av Estrid serien What The Fluff träffar vi Izzie som berättar allt om hennes upplevelse med vuxenakne och hur hon lärde sig acceptera det! Izzie gick från att ha så kallad ”perfekt” hud som tonåring till att känna sig deprimerad och osäker på grund av sin akne, men numera är hon självsäker och bekväm med sin hy. Genom att lägga upp ofiltrerade bilder som sin hud på instagram hoppas hon att kunna normalisera vuxenakne, sätta igång en konversation och hjälp andra känna självförtroende igen.

Vad är “What The Fluff”?

Det bästa sättet att skapa förståelse och empati mellan människor är att prata om saker. Dem viktiga, svåra sakerna. Därför skapade Estrid ”What The Fluff”: en IGTV serie där vi bjöd in olika profiler för att prata om svåra saker. Från att bekämpa ätstörningar, till hur det är att leva med en kronisk sjukdom, och vikten av att stötta unga transpersoner - våra gäster har delat med sig om sina personliga erfarenheter kring en mängd olika ämnen, och hjälpt oss skapa en trygg miljö att prata i.

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Hi guys, my name's Izzie, and I'm an acne and body positive influencer, and I'm here today with Estrid to get ready with you and talk to you about adult acne. Let's start this chat off with a spritz. Now we're ready. Adult acne is really, really not spoken enough about. And I think as a society, we sort of see acne as only for teenagers, it's sort of that thing where when you transition into adulthood, that's what you leave behind. Whereas in reality, actually a lot of adults suffer from acne when they transition into adulthood.

So I'm going to go in with some vitamin C serum while I give you guys a brief outline of my story. I had absolutely clear skin when I was younger, all through my childhood, all through my teen years. Like a baby's bum wouldn't have nothing on me, that type of clear. I hit 21 and literally I would say that day I began to develop acne and it was absolutely soul-crushing. We've already grown up. We've already done the hard bits. Why are we getting the rubbish that comes with our teenage years?

Now, I struggled the most because when I developed my acne, I had just got my first grad job, which means I was always seeing new people, meeting new people every single day. I was in an office with adults and I was sat there feeling like a complete child. And along with that, at the same time as I was developing acne, I started to see my boyfriend, which we all know when you're seeing a boy, is the last thing you want, a big spot on your face.

And I had a lot, everywhere, and all of that combined made me become seriously depressed. I hated myself. I hated my life. I didn't leave the house. It was awful. But that is the effect of having adult acne. You feel lost and confused and you don't know when it's going to end. And because you're an adult with acne, you feel more obligated to hide it because you know you shouldn't have it. So, I'd go to the lengths of before I was going to a restaurant, I would research the lighting, decide where I want to sit, to make sure that wherever I sat, the lighting would be at least a bit better on my acne.

That's the extent of your mentality with acne and how far you'd go to try and cover it up. So all that negative stuff was where my mind was constantly. And I just thought you know what? I don't want to feel like who I am isn't good enough. And then I took my first picture with no makeup on and I posted it on social media for the world to see. And then, once everybody knew about it, suddenly the pressure of hiding it and having to pretend that's not me, was gone.

And from that very moment, I worked every single day to try and rebuild the love for myself. If you've been to a really dark, self-hateful place, you're going to have to work on loving yourself again. It's not going to come overnight. It's like learning how to paint. Learning how to love yourself is something you're going to have to work at to get good at. Right. Let's get some moisturizer on and talk about why it needs to be spoken about more. The main reason it needs to be spoken about more is because it's normal.

So normal. When I first developed my acne, I felt everything but normal. We live in a world now where we spend half of our lives as our social media characters, and they are always the very best polished, best angled versions of ourselves. And as a result of that society has lost touch with the realness of life, which is acne, greasy skin, pores. And this life that we're living in on social media, that's just pure perfection, is probably why when so many people do get adult acne, it feels like the end of the world when it really, really doesn't need to be.

We need to speak about acne more because we need to transition it from gross to normal. There's absolutely nothing, nothing gross about having acne. Just like a graze is a graze and a scar is a scar. It's just a mark and a wound. And that is why we need to really work at taking the pressure off of it because there's so much pressure on girls and boys to get rid of it so quickly. When I was going through my process of trying to get rid of it, I accidentally burned my face from overusing acids.

That was the desperation of needing it to be gone quickly. I have it. I don't feel gross. I don't look gross. I'm happy with the way I look. And if anyone makes you feel gross, show them the door. All right. Now let's get some spot cream on any of them bad boys that are erupting on your face. So now I'm going to share with you guys my three favorite tips on overcoming acne sadness. Number one is, write down all of the things that bother you the most about having acne. And I mean literally like get a pen and write them down and then tackle them like you'd tackle a to-do list for the day.

So my number one was feeling like a fraud. So I sat down and thought, right, what can I do that's going to not make me feel like that anymore? My answer was taking all my makeup off and posting a picture on Instagram. I abolished the feeling of being a fraud because I wasn't anymore. I told everyone the truth. So that was one acne sadness gone. I could tick it off and throw it away. If your number one on the list is you feel most anxious around your boyfriend or the boy you're seeing, sit down and think, what can I do to make that not a problem in my life anymore? You could sit him down and talk to him about how you feel or take all your makeup off and show him exactly what you're dealing with and see his reaction.

If it's a good reaction, he stays. If it's a bad one, you put him in the trash. Number two, this is a big one. Follow people on social media that make you happy. Be brutal, block delete those people that are not making you feel worthy or good about yourself. Do you feel like you're scrolling through your feed and every other picture is making you feel, like "oh, I don't look like that", "I don't look as good as that", then just delete them. There's a massive community of body positivity, acne positivity out there. You've just got to look for it. Seeing everyday girls suffering with the same things as you and getting on with their lives

and being happy is literally going to make you feel over the moon and so positive with your own life. So do it. And number three is, be vocal. It seems like an obvious one, but it makes such a difference to talk about your problems and talk about how you feel. It doesn't always have to be when you're feeling sad. Bring your acne into conversation more so it feels like a normal thing. I've spoken about my acne so much now with my friends and family that I'm at the point where we can joke about it. And I think when everyone's comfortable with it you're going to be comfortable with it.

The more we speak about this, the more people are going to feel comfortable with it. And that is my goal. So thank you so, so much for watching and listening today. And I hope anyone watching with acne feels a little less alone and a little bit more empowered to just not care and live in your life how you want to live it, which is happy. And thank you so much, Estrid, for inviting me on your channel to talk as Part of What The Fluff. Now go to that mirror and tell yourself you're worthy. Bye guys!

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