Recruitment process and work samples at Estrid

Since Estrid was launched 18 months ago, we’ve grown a lot, in more ways than one.
We would not be where we are today without our people. They are the heart and soul of this company.

Our relatively small organisation has been overwhelmed by the amount of applications we have received and we are beyond grateful and humbled by this. But it has meant that we have not always had the structures in place to handle this process in the best possible way. We’ve explored different methods of evaluating candidates and are constantly trying to find the best processes. Some points regarding this have been brought to our attention which we would like to address.

Have we ever used work samples for inspiration?

The answer is simple, no. We have never used work samples as inspiration. We currently have seven people working with storytelling and brand in Estrid, and none of them has ever been inspired by work samples.

An article in Resumé mentions two examples questioning this which we’d like to clarify. First, an applicant who shared an illustration of a woman in a bathtub in a work sample she submitted. Three months later, a similar illustration was posted on our Instagram, which was created for us by a UK based freelancer (Joanne Calderwood), who had not received a brief, which was simply an unfortunate coincidence. The second example is an applicant who in late April suggested that we launch body care products, which we in fact had already done on the 9th of March. Product development is a multi-month, sometimes multi-year process.

Changes to our recruitment process

We understand that our process hasn’t always been as smooth as we’d like it to be and we’ve taken the feedback to heart and made changes. We have removed work samples from early stages and made cases smaller, hypothetical and timeboxed so that applicants spend a maximum amount of time on their samples. We also use cases at later stages in the process, particularly when deciding between 2 excellent candidates. Hopefully by doing this, all applicants feel secure and respected when applying to work with us. However, if anyone feels that their work sample has been commercialised without their consent, please reach out to us so that we can look into it.

Why we use cases

We want to make our process as unbiased as possible and we believe that talent and attitude are just as important as previous merit. We truly believe that cases are helpful when it comes to finding the perfect fit for the job, but we will continue to refine this process to make it as smooth and time-efficient as possible for those applying.

Thank you for the feedback

We want to once again thank everyone for the feedback – it is invaluable. Our people are our greatest asset, and we have a great deal of respect and gratitude for those applying to work at Estrid.

Thank you for your attention.

Amanda Westerbom, co-founder of Estrid
[email protected]