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Ship To: Netherlands

Ida Klamborn

What is "Normal" Anyway?
Large and in charge, small and demure, hairy or sleek,
dark or light - let's talk about our bits.
Ida Klamborn x Estrid
Feast your eyes on our very first Vulva-inspired collection, a love child created by fashion designer and hooha champion, Ida Klamborn, and us, Estrid.

This limited-edition collection is more than just a treat for the eyes, we will be donating all profits from the sales to Brook to help support all their bit-related work.
I want to highlight the relationship you can have with your vagina. It's a part of our bodies with its own drive and life. When we connect with it on a spiritual level great things will follow.
Ida Klamborn
Young people often don't get the right education, and when they do it it's not about how awesome the vagina is, but just boring information. The key is to treat the vagina as a friend, make time for it, ask questions, have fun with it, learn all its secrets, be patient and treat it with respect. In return, you will get to know your body and mind better.
Ida Klamborn
What I do know for sure is that having a vulva is not an entry to being a woman. It's so much more experiential than that, and that's why I want to normalise it to be anything people want it to be, like this bag.
Ida Klamborn
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