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Shave Your Way

Remember the time when you stood in the shower, just about to shave and realised you forgot to buy a new razor and had to use the old one that didn’t give you the result you wanted? Well, those days are over!

Affordable quality razors

Fresh blades delivered to your door

Update, change, pause or cancel at anytime

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Get started with your shaving plan

Never run out of blades again! Start by selecting your favorite handle that speaks to you. To make it super easy we’ve made a starter kit for you with two razor blades and a matching wall mount - so cute! All this without the pink tax, of course!

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Whenever you want wherever you want

Tell us how often you want your blades and we’ll deliver them right to your door (free, climate compensated shipping included, obviously).

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It’s under your control

Your body, your hair, your control. In your account you can change the intervals of your subscription, skip one delivery or pause or cancel the subscription at anytime, no strings attached.


Hair removal should be optional. Great hair removal shouldn’t. That’s why we’ve created Estrid.