A Shaving Guide To Perfect Pubic Hair

Oh, dear pubic hair. What are we going to do with you? The trends have come and gone, from the 70s full bush to the 90s brazilian. So what’s the deal really? The bottom line is that everyone should do what they want with their pubic hair. Your bikini line, your rules. Now, if you do decide that you’d like a little less fluff around your muff, here are some things to keep in mind.

The basics: Your pubic hair deserves the best

First of all, use a clean sharp razor. You don’t want to get any creepy bacteria or nicks and cuts around your beautiful hoohaa. Don’t grab that rusty old thing that’s been lying in your bathroom drawer for who knows how long. Your pubic hair deserves better than that, and so do you.


The technique: Removing pubic hair from the trickiest bits

We all know getting around the curves and folds of our privates can be a bit tricky, so take your time, relax, and be careful. Try different poses to get to those hard-to-reach bits. Squatting can be a good one if you’re trying to get closer to the pubic hair around your bumhole. Excuse the language, but there really is no polite way of saying anus. The captain morgan stance (standing with one leg up on something) is great for really getting into the fold between your thigh and your vag. Or perhaps try sitting on the floor of your shower and bring one leg up. It might not be the most comfortable of poses, but it is effective. Having a mirror in front of you can also help you see what you are doing down there, and is also a great way of getting to know your marvelous vagina on a more personal level.

The precautions: Avoiding bumps and irritation

Now that you’ve gotten so close and friendly with your puss, you’ll want to avoid irritating it. To best avoid bumps, ingrown hairs, and redness, shave in the direction of the growth of the pubic hair, also known as “with the grain”. Pubic hair can grow in different directions, so do some investigating to find what works best for you! Some also like to use an oil or shaving cream to protect the delicate skin and help the razor glide softly. Just make sure you’re using something that will be kind to your vag and is ph balanced.


The aftercare: Keep your pubic hair happy

Once you’re done styling and shaving your pubic hair, gently pat the area dry and apply a soothing cream if that is your thing. It’s important to let your puss rest and recover. Pro tip: Skip underwear for a little while afterward, you don’t want any rough materials causing friction.

The weeks in between: Take care of your bikini line

To keep your bikini line and pubic hair feeling nice in the days/weeks/months/years until the next shave, try carefully exfoliating. A gentle loofah and kind soap or wash might be nice, or simply warm water should do the trick. Avoid anything with a strong fragrance, salt base or drying ingredients. Your vagina is a perfect ecosystem that should not be messed with.

And there we have it, it really isn’t rocket science. It’s just pubic hair, and it’s perfect no matter what you decide to do with them.


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