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Step 1

Which subscription would you like to gift?

The first shipment includes a starter kit with a razor handle, a matching wall mount and two cartridges. Then weโ€™ll deliver four refill cartridges every other month for as long as you've chosen.

3 Months

(1 Starter Kit + 1 refill shipments)

209 kr


6 Months

(1 Starter Kit + 2 refill shipments)

329 kr

12 Months

(1 Starter Kit + 5 refill shipments)

689 kr

Step 2

Select a color

โœ“ 1 razor handle โœ“ 2 five-blade cartridges โœ“ 1 wall mount

Step 3

...and just in case!๐Ÿ’œ

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