• Estrid Razor Startkit Matcha
  • Estrid Razors for women and everyone, green colour
  • Estrid Razors in green
  • Estrid Razors for women and everyone in green, purple and pink

The Starter Kit

The prettiest pastel pistachio shade, inspired by matcha lattes and freshly cut flowers.

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The razor Starter Kit - a real smooth operator.

Meet the razor

The Starter Kit includes everything you need to give yourself the shaving experience you deserve. A steel razor handle and matching wall mount in the colour you love most, and two razor blades. Happy shaving!

Upgrade your shave


Gentle on your skin

Our razor has 5 blades for a smooth, precise, and clean shave every time.


Strong stainless steel

The weighted steel handle with a rubber back makes for a confident grip.

Razor-smooth wall art

Finally, a holder that is both functional and fabulous. No need to hide your tools when they look this cute. Why not totally go to town with it and mismatch the razor and holder? Matcha and Lemonade could literally light up your bathroom wall with their gooorgeous colours- perfect if you’re going for that spring and summery vibe. Or maybe try to match Space with Cloud to get that soft, dreamy feel that brings our minds to self-care and fuzzy slippers. Ah.

Razors for women, men, everyone, anyone

Good and affordable razors don’t need to be gendered. Historically, razors aimed at women have been priced differently than those aimed at men. Not cool. Everyone, no matter gender identity, has body hair. That’s why we’ve created quality razors and caring shaving products (that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free btw) – for everyone and anyone who chooses to shave. Simple as that :)

Add a little extra

Daily Moisturizer
zł 55
Sugar scrub
Sugar Scrub
zł 59.55
Shower + Shave
zł 49.95
The Case
zł 29

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