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Dermaplaning Kit

The Precision Razor

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Meet the single-blade razor that can do it all. Shave away fine hair, prime your skin for makeup and skincare, gently exfoliate, and touch up on the go. Our dermaplaning razor is fuss-free, easy to use, and will not make your hair grow back thicker. Seriously.



The Precision Razor


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Touch up on the go
Shaves away fine hair
Gently exfoliates


  • Perfect for all skin types

  • Hyper-hygienic stainless steel safety blade

  • Ergonomic handle for perfect maneuvering around hard-to-reach areas

  • Easy to use and store with protective safety hinge

  • No water needed


Each pack includes a trio of Precision Razors featuring a single, super sharp stainless steel blade with a protective safety hinge ideal for touch-ups.


How to hold and use the Precision Razor: Hold at an angle (45°) and use short, feather-light strokes wherever you want to remove hair or exfoliate. Don’t forget this tool is super sharp so use it mindfully and never on broken skin or acne.

Step 1. Cleanse and calm: It's important to start with freshly cleansed skin to soften the hair follicles before shaving.

Step 2. Add glide: Apply a small amount of facial oil or lotion to the area you plan to shave for extra glide. Or if you prefer, the Precision Razor works just as well on dry skin.

Step 3. Start from the top: Start at the top of your face, near your hairline, and work your way down. Use the razor in short, downward strokes, following the natural direction of hair growth. Be careful around sensitive areas like your lips and eyes and avoid using the razor on acne or broken skin. If you find yourself going over any any area more than once, stop, as this can cause irritation and redness. Have a cotton pad at the ready to de-fluff your razor as you go.

Step 4. Hydrate: After you've finished, rinse your face with cool water and apply a soothing, hydrating moisturiser. Stay out of the sun for about 24 hours and of course, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Step 5. Clean your blades: Use warm water and spirit alcohol to prevent bacteria build-up and switch out your Precision Razor after 3 uses.

Recycling tips: Carefully remove the blade and discard it safety, then recycle the handle at your local recycling area.

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Dermaplaning myths

Myth Busting: Does facial hair grow back thicker?

No! Shaving doesn't change the natural shape, quantity or size of your hair follicle. Shaving can, however, create a blunt edge of the hair follicle, which can give the feeling of a thicker hair, but we promise it's just an illusion!

Dermaplaning myths

Myth Busting: does facial hair grow back thicker + quicker?

No! Shaving does not change the natural shape, quantity and size of your hair follicle, so that is not possible. People often confuse the fact that shaving create a blunt edge of the hair follicle which can make it look different than it did previously when growing back. However, darker and more is just a myth.

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