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The Case

Wherever you go, Estrid is there. Bring your razor with you in a silicone razor case, that always keeps your razor safe, clean & dry.

45 DKK

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The Case — Matcha

45 DKK

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45 DKK




What's inside

…your Estrid razor!! This case in silicon will keep your razor safe and sound.


Taking a trip or going to a sleepover? Slide your Estrid razor into its case, fold the flap over and push it into the fold to transport your razor safely.

Free shipping
Climate-compensated delivery
100% money-back guarantee

Our razor will keep you smooth, this razor case keeps its ninja-sharp blades safe.

Here, there, everywhere

Dreamy weekend escape? Pyjama party with your partner? Sleepover at your BFFs? Fully waterproof, the silicone razor case gives your Estrid razor the chance to dry off. Shower, shave, keep it safe in its case. Follow these steps for dolphin-smooth results every time.

Wet-to-dry wonder

Fully waterproof but also gives your wet razor the chance to take a well-deserved drying break. Follow these steps for smooth-like-a-dolphin success - shower, shave, keep it safe.

Embrace the razor case

The Case is the perfect bff for your razor and razor subscription. Cute and protective, the case always keeps your precious Estrid razor snuggly and safe. Match the case with your razor, or be creative and mix colours to make it more personal. You know, whatever floats your boat (or bathtub).

Add a little extra

Daily Moisturizer
89 DKK
Sugar scrub
Sugar Scrub
99 DKK
Shower + Shave
79 DKK
Get started — 75 DKK

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