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Estrid was created as the solution to our own shave-care problems.    

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Your body, your control

Shaving is a choice, as it should be. Estrid is just here to offer a cute, kind, cheap and super smooth option. Because that is what we deserve. That and most other things. We are here for any and everyone who feels like shaving from time to time. And for those who don’t too. So whether you enjoy a lil’ armpit fluff, have a bikini line smooth as a baby seal belly, nourish a downy upper lip or rock the occasional leg stubble – we got you.
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Lots of things in life are expensive, but a smooth shaving experience shouldn’t be one of them.


Our mission

Estrid isn’t just a razor. Estrid is a fairly priced, cruelty-free, quality razor that is specifically made for women. This might sound kind of obvious, but before we created Estrid it wasn’t. We had a hard time finding a razor that was made for the female shape, but available at the same price as one built for the male jawline. We wanted a razor that was cruelty-free and didn't have any animal products in the hydrating strips. And we wanted to see all kinds of gorgeous people use it – because nothing is quite as beautiful as all the different shapes, curves, and shades of the human body. So we made our own. A female-focused razor without all the bad stuff, at a fair price.
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