New bathroom-crew

We heard your wishes. Finally introducing Estrid Body Care 💜
What is it? The line consists of three all-vegan body care products made in Sweden with 100% self-love, inspired by you.

Why we love it: Makes your skin feel as smooth as a cloud all day long. With a touch of pear, jasmine, musk and peach – this fragrance will leave you smelling like an absolute dream! Oh, and the tubes are 85% based on sugarcanes.

Good to know: This is a one time purchase. However, if you like the products you can sign in to your account and buy them again or add them to your subscription at any time, smooth right? Delivery time is 4-7 days, and shipping is free - as always.

Let’s get started, see you in the bathroom! 👋🏽


Your razor's bestie - Say hey to baby-seal smooth skin and bye to fuzzy hairs.

Shave Cream

Estrid vegan shave cream Mood; Privacy pls with


Leave your skin happy. Stay hydrated & smooth like a cloud all day long.

Body Lotion

Estrid vegan body lotion Mood: Bodyshot with aloe, shea and canola oil


Spoil your body. Shake, wash, rinse and make your skin glow like never before.

Body Oil Wash

Estrid vegan body oil wash Mood: Cancel plans with sunflower, cloudberry and almond oil aloe, shea and coconut oil

We love you but we can’t ship to you (yet)