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Ship To: Belgium

Meet the fam

The Starter Kit aka our super-sleek dream includes a razor, wall mount, and two sharp af razor blades; at half the price of ahem all those other razors. Delivered straight to your doorstep so you can experience a smooth glide asap.

Smooth wall art

Finally, a wall mount that is both functional and fabulous. No need to hide your tools when they look this cute.

Pastel purrrfection

Cute-and-cool colours to match your bathroom and your mood.

Meet your Estrid!


Gentle on your skin

Weighted steel handle and rubber back for a revolutionary grip.

Sculpted to bathroom-friendly perfection

Designed to look cute everywhere.

Gentle for our planet

Too good to throw away. Sustainable steel to tackle plastic waste that comes with disposable razors.

Add a little extra

Shave Cream


The Case


Body Oil Wash


Body Lotion


Cloud Socks